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Language, Cultural, and Regional Expertise - Guaranteed.

TARGET LINGUISTS LLC is a Veteran Owned Small Business founded in 2016 in Clarksville, Tennessee. We provide comprehensive language, cultural, and regional expertise services to governmental, commercial, and private clientele. Our principle services include foreign language instruction, interpretation, translation, and international marketing. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors by custom tailoring all of our services to the specific needs of our customers. We focus on critical needs languages but retain capabilities to deliver language services in over forty languages and dialects.

Our language instruction services are the flagship of the company. The superior quality of our instruction is a direct result of our incredibly talented and dedicated faculty. All of our instructors have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree with most holding Master’s or Doctoral Degrees in the target language or in higher education and years of teaching experience. The faculty develops a bespoke curriculum for each customer ensuring the most effective methods to maximize student learning. TARGET LINGUISTS incorporates the frequent use of situational training exercises, language immersions, and iso-immersions to challenge students with practical applications in order to accelerate learning and improve confidence in students’ language skills. You set the location; we can deliver the instruction at a facility that we own or rent, at your place of business, or remotely through advanced distance learning technologies.

Additionally, we offer responsive, accurate interpretation and translation services. Like our language instruction services, these are tailored to meet your needs. Our interpreters are not merely native linguists who happen to speak English, they are professional interpreters who understand the nuances of tone, facial expressions, body language, and culture to ensure an accurate two-way exchange of meaningful dialogue. Our interpreters thoroughly prepare before each assignment to ensure a precise, fluid delivery of the material. Need an interpreter who is also a specialist in a particular field? We specifically recruit interpreters with high demand technical skills that bring you additional value. Chances are we already have a professional interpreter with a secondary background in a field relevant to your needs. Similarly, our translation services ensure we retain your original meaning through written texts and yet convey it in a way that speakers of the target language will clearly understand. We deliver these services at the location you choose, or if you need services on short notice, we can deliver in near real time via remote communications technology.

TARGET LINGUISTS also provides professional marketing services to help you reach the global marketplace with your goods or services. Aided by the most powerful social media listening tools in the industry, we can assist you by conducting market analysis of your target marketplace in the native tongues to enable you to understand the full potential of international ventures. Once you have identified the target market, we can help you reach your new customers through generating original marketing materials via print, website design, radio or television, and most other traditional or non-traditional marketing media. We can help you expand and grow your business by identifying new opportunities as well as helping you to understand the risks or limitations of specific overseas markets.

For all of our language services, we are here to serve you and enable your success. Whatever your needs may be in foreign language instruction, interpretation and translation, or global marketing, we will custom design the targeted services to meet your needs and maximize your gains.